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Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips

Most of the job profiles today demand that we are adept in creating and making powerful presentations. Our career growth, promotion and success in our job or business depend greatly on our ability to make impressive presentations. Invariably everyone that needs to create a presentation searches for presentation tips online. Here are some useful tips for creating and making stunning presentations that bring you laurels.

Structuring Your Presentation

  • Most of us directly start with presentation software such as Prezi or PowerPoint and this is a mistake. You should open your presentation software only when you have all the content required for the slides. The first step therefore is gaining a complete grasp over the topic that you are required to present. It could be anything from your sales team’s performance report, your company’s P&L, introducing a new concept / business to your superiors to selling your products or services directly to your customers. We could say so many things on a given topic but you will have to do it within a short time span. So list all the points that you would like to cover in the order of importance when you are structuring your presentation.
  • When you are creating your slides first put all the content in the order you want to present before you get into the details of each slide and before you start adding animations and special effects to the slide.
  • Never clutter your slides with too many details. Every slide should have only a single idea / concept. You need to structure your slide in such a way that it contains just a single key idea per slide.
  • Do not put everything that you would like to say to your audience in the slide. Present only two to three bulleted points per slide. You could add all the related points that you would like to share under the notes section which only you will be able to see in your laptop and not visible on the main slide. This way, you will be able to keep your slides neat and clean. Simple clean slides are more powerful than cluttered slides with too many details.

Making A Powerful Presentation

  • Before you stand before the audience, rehearse your entire presentation. If possible, request one of your friends to be present for the rehearsal and ask them for their genuine and constructive feedback. This will greatly help you polish up your presentation and it will also boost your level of confidence. If you don’t have a friend that you could ask for help, practice it before a mirror.
  • Have all your devices checked by arriving to the presentation venue before the audience arrive. If you arrive at the last minute and fumble with your devices, you are likely to be tensed and it will ruin the presentation.
  • Make sure not to start your presentation using a high-pitched voice because it will make you sound agitated and tensed.
  • Use graceful, above the waist, open gestures that will help you convey your message in a more meaningful way.
  • Never read from your slides, rather talk to your audience.
  • Butterflies in your stomach are normal; do not fight the feeling too much. It actually helps you rise up to the challenge.

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